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7 Reasons why if you try the gofio, you’ll get hooked

By 19 June, 2017Blog

7 reasons why if you try the gofio, you’ll get hooked

The gofio is one of those foods that are not known all that they should, is tremendously popular in the Canary Islands, gofio is consumed in the Canary archipelago for a long time, different analyzes indicate that its consumption is common since prehispanic times, its importance is such and has continued to be so relevant over the years, that today it is a characteristic and main element of Canarian cuisine, without a doubt it is a food that we link to the islands and that is part of of our identity in general.

The gofio has a lot of recognition and those who have tried it have been hooked, one of the most relevant facts is that the gofio has its own geographical indication with its protected designation of origin called gofio canario, this recognition on a European level is even more important if It fits the importance of gofio.

For all those who have not yet tried, let’s take a look at seven reasons why if you try the gofio, you will get hooked.

Excellent Source of Hydrates

It is an excellent source of carbohydrates. Especially for those athletes who are looking for an extra supply of carbohydrates in their diet, for every 100 grams of gofio, approximately 83% are hydrates, 11% protein and 5.7% fat.

Excellent Protein Source

It is an excellent source of proteins. If we continue to analyze the macronutrients, we must bear in mind that protein intake is also essential for athletes, the gofio, unlike other similar foods, has a high protein intake with 11% per 100 grams of gofio.

Its flavor is unique

It’s great. The truth is that it is delicious and although it may seem a subjective reason at all it is. Test it!

Because it is the most

Because ours is fashionable. Let’s not fool ourselves, everything that comes out of the Canary Islands is fashionable and gofio is one of those fashionable foods.

Because of its versatility

Because you can prepare it in different ways. You can make ice cream and even gofio mousses, you can even mix with banana, many countries have their own recipes with gofio, so you will have to choose.

For health

It is healthy. Gofio is a food that comes from wheat or roasted corn, it is not a refined product that is dangerous for our organism, it is natural.

And outside of the Canary Islands it’s new!

It’s something new!. If you’ve never tried it and it’s something new for you, this is also a fantastic reason to try it and you’ll see how you get hooked.



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