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Benefits of Canarian Gofio in sport

Beneficios del gofio canarioA good diet is basic and necessary for athletes and that is why we can not stop saying this affirmation without talking about the benefits of Canarian Gofio. The contributions of gofio in the diet, cover enough basic nutritional values such as slow and medium assimilation carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins A and D and is a rich source of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

In the case of elite athletes, these have a higher caloric expenditure than that of a normal person and it is this expense that makes gofio an essential element in their diet. Its consumption is as recommended before or after the practice as during it. For example, after training you can take it to increase muscle mass, or also with the goal of making it a great restorative.

Beneficios del gofio canarioDuring the practice of the sport in question it can also be taken, since it can be ingested in several ways, for example the powder, diluting it in the milk. Apart it can also be found as energy bars, which makes it ideal to take anywhere if for example we are on a walk or for small breaks while we work. We can also knead it and mix it with olive oil and brown sugar. The latter is a great caloric pump and makes it ideal for athletes who face low temperatures, apart from the fact that you do not need anything special to take it and you can transport it easily.

We do not have to forget that it is a food, so we can be quite imaginative and combine it with any other food to incorporate it into our diet, complementing the contributions or simply improving them. The nutrients that it provides, will allow us to replace any element that we need and its price, quite low, makes it possible to incorporate it into our day to day without any problem, being accessible to any economy.

Undoubtedly the gofio is a great source of energy with excellent properties and whose consumption is simple and adaptable, as we have seen can be consumed in different ways, which makes it suitable for any type of situation. If you are thinking about practicing sports, make gofio your ideal partner and soon you will see how they improve your results with this contribution as varied and above all, natural.

And if what you like is to make your own recipes with gofio and be able to have different ways to enjoy the gofio, we recommend that you visit our recipe section with gofio.


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